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English newsletters:

Future of Energy
Updates on the dynamic transformation in the energy industry.

Future of Food

Updates to support you in being one of the leaders of the future food industry.

Global Trade News Alert 

The latest developments in the global trade area.

Immigration Alerts
The latest developments in the field of Dutch immigration. 

Indirect Tax Weekly Digest

The most relevant developments concerning VAT and Transfer Tax from our advisory.

International Tax News 
The latest global developments on Tax.

Dutch newsletters:

Fiscale alert gezondheidszorg
Recent developments on Tax within the Health Care sector.

Fiscale nieuwsbrief Onderwijs
Fiscale ontwikkelingen binnen het onderwijs.

Fiscale nieuwsbrief nationaal
The latest developments on Tax in The Netherlands.

Fiscale nieuwsbrief woningcorporaties
The latest developments on housing corporations.

Future of Health

Updates on the future of health care in the Netherlands.

MKB Accountancy & Advies
News and insights on accountancy, tax, and finance for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Pensions & Rewards
News and insights on various aspects of pension funds (e.g. actuarially, financial, legal, fiscal, and assurance).

News and insights on area development, ground economy, and real estate management.

Retail & Consumer Products
Retail & Consumer Products inspiration from Deloitte.

Frank Geelen
Partner Deloitte Nederland
CFO Programma
T +31882884659
E [email protected]
Frank Geelen
Partner Deloitte Nederland
CFO Programma
T +31882884659
E [email protected]
Frank Geelen
Partner Deloitte Nederland
CFO Programma
T +31882884659
E [email protected]

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