Webinar: Pillar 2 - Global minimum tax is coming

January 27, 2022 : 15.00 - 17.00

Registration closed - get in touch in case you would like to receive the recording of the webinar.

Faster than (most) imagined, the OECD Pillar 2 global minimum tax is expected to be implemented per January 1, 2023. Even if global implementation is not completed by then, it is very likely that several countries will take significant steps. Moreover, the EU has recently published a Directive to implement Pillar 2 legislation in the EU and there are several similar proposals pending in the US (even though it is uncertain at this point if those will be adopted).

With Pillar 2 only a year away, the introduction of a global minimum tax is right at our doorstep. Technicalities are still being worked out and further guidance is expected in January 2022. In any case, it is clear that this will reshape the way we think about international taxation and can have far-reaching implications.

All kinds of questions arise, from how this will impact overall effective tax rate, to how this will change (tax) considerations on transactional and real-time basis to what data will be needed to assess, track and report under the new global minimum tax system.

To prepare for the upcoming changes, we are hosted a webinar on Pillar 2 with a focus on practical implications, amongst others in relation to the impact on developing countries & investment hubs and how to deal with transitional challenges.

Interested to know more? Get in touch:

Godfried Schutz
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Stephen Brunner
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