Young Deloitte Tax & Legal Lab

October 29, 2020

Ready for the future of work?

Following last year’s success, we are proud to present the fifth edition of Young Deloitte Tax & Legal Lab. An interactive and innovative event where start- or scale ups and young Deloitte professionals meet.
Please join us to network while gaining insights on the impact of tax and legal topics on your business. Subscribe by filling out the registration form!

What to expect?
Expect an inspiring program, great insights on legal and tax matters for your company, a workshop and online networking to round up the event.

14:50h Walk In
15:00h Keynote speaker
15:30h Break
15:45h Workshop
16:30h Break
16:30h Private brainstorming session
17:15h Online networking

About our workshops
Below you can find a description of the workshops we are hosting. Choose one workshops you're interested in, you can specify your choice in the registration form.

  1. Devence, Building Responsible Businesses:
    We would like to help you to become a responsible business with a foundation that is ready for sustainable growth. Proving trust, credibility and resilience towards society, clients, employees, investors and regulators. Companies of today will become more and more technology driven. And where companies grow, so does complexity, distraction and level of risk. We would like to talk with you about data privacy, data security, data quality, digital ethics, regulatory compliance and financial reporting of your data. To help you doing responsible business to sustain and grow.
  2. Stock option rights:
    For most start-or scale ups the eventual goal is to grow, thrive and cash. However, the choices you make in the beginning of your entrepreneurial careers can have big tax consequences. During this workshop, you will learn what you as a shareholder of your start-up should take into account and what options you have when setting-up your start- or scale up.
  3. Design thinking/ storytelling:
    With a completely different world, come new problems. In this workshop you will gain insight in Design Thinking: a new methodology for solving problems which focusses on the actual need of your clients. Also you will gain insight into the art of storytelling which is now very important to (digitally) bring your message across to your clients.
  4. Raising funds during COVID-19:
    One thing that most start-ups have in common: a need for funding. With COVID-19, the rules of the game for raising funds have been changed in various ways. In this workshop you will gain insight into the rules of the game when it comes down to raising funds. What are the do’s and don’ts and what is the impact of COVID-19?

About the private brainstorming session
Additional to the workshop we provide you an interactive private brainstorming session totally focused on your business. The brainstorming session will be prepared based on your input upfront and are aimed to give you a quick start on your tax and legal position.

Please register yourself via the form on this page. 

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